Review Policy

  General Information                                                                                                  

I am currently accepting select Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Grade books for review. Please note, if the book is part of a series I may need the previous books as well. Some self-published books may also be accepted if the premise interests me.

Formats I accept: Hard copies and e-books.

I am NOT accepting audiobooks or Non-Fiction books at this time.

Please send an email to with any inquiries.


I accept Adult, Young Adult, or Middle Grade books in the following genres:

♥ Fantasy
♥ General Fiction
♥ Horror
♥ Historical Fiction
♥ Fairy tale/Myth Re-tellings
♥ Thrillers
♥ Science Fiction
♥ Contemporary

I do not accept the following genres:

♥ Non-Fiction
♥ Poetry
♥ Biographies
♥ Romance
♥ Erotica

  My Reviews                                                                                                                          

My reviews are strictly my opinion and my opinion only. They do not represent anything but my own thoughts. If I like or dislike a book, my reviews will reflect that. I will not accept books based off of promises to write a glowing review about it.

My reviews may also contain some spoilers, however I will attach warnings at the start of every review in hopes that will stop anybody from reading further if they do not want to be spoiled. If an author requests that I write a completely spoiler-free review, I will abide by his/her wishes.

I will write a review for a majority of the books I finish. If I do not finish a book, I may still provide a short review detailing reasons why I did not like or finish the book. I don’t have a specific time frame of when these reviews will be written and published, but I can guarantee they will be completed within a month of me receiving the book.

I rarely summarize plots. I may do the occasional short summary, however I don’t dwell on them. I believe that readers can get a general idea of what a book is about from the blurb publishers provide. If I feel that a short premise of what the book is about is required, I will include one in my review, particularly if the book is not yet released.

All reviews will be published on this blog as well as my Goodreads page.

  Review Structure                                                                                                            

All reviews will including the following:

♦ Cover art
♦ Book title and author
♦ Start date/finish date
♦ A mention of the publisher I received the arc from

Star Rating:

✧ / 5
I did not like nor finish the book due to various reasons that may include the writing, the premise, or characterization. I have tried my very best to finish the book but just could not bring myself to do so. I suggest you skip these reads.

✧ ✧ / 5
I managed to finish the book but I still did not like it. These ratings usually accompany a negative review detailing reasons why I did not like the book, and why I had to force myself to complete it. Definitely not worth the read.

✧ ✧ ✧ / 5
This was an OK read. I would suggest you borrow this book instead of buying it. There is nothing overly special about the writing or the plot, however I still enjoyed it.

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ / 5
I really liked this book and I would recommend it to other people. I most likely binge read the whole thing within a couple of hours or a day.

✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ / 5
I LOVED this book! I rave about it to everyone I meet and it deserves a mention on my other page of Books I ♥. This is a rare rating and there are not many books I feel that warrant a full 5/5 rating.

Half stars are also used occasionally, but they’re reserved for instances where I’m torn between two ratings.