About Me

The Basics

I was born in Taiwan and raised in B.C. I’m a full-time Library Technician now and I work in a high school Library. What is a Library Technician you may ask, and why are you not a Librarian instead? Well, I find that being a Library Tech consists largely of work I enjoy doing. There are some similarities such as readers advisory and story-time, but there are a lot more technical work I do behind the scenes. These include drawing data from the catalog and other sources for various reports, creating book displays for different holidays, being in charge of library events, processing new materials (who doesn’t love sniffing new books), supervising my lovely Library Monitors, and so much more!

I’m new to the blogging/book review world so be nice please 🙂 but that being said, I don’t mind the occasional literary debate. I’m not the best at editing my own posts so you’ll find a few errors here and there so bear with me.

I only run a Goodreads page for this account, so you won’t find me anywhere else. Don’t be shy! Come say hi to me on there!

Goodreads Page


Book Genres I Enjoy

My main reading interests are Fiction, Young Adult, Non-Fiction (anything about food, space, scandals, North Korea) but these tend to change monthly and depends on my mood. It’s going to be boring and obvious of me to say, but my favourite book is of course the Harry Potter series by my Queen J.K. Rowling. My other favourite authors include Victoria Schwab, Khaled Hosseini, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Susan Ee, Marissa Meyer, Patrick Ness, Neal Shusterman, and Shaun David Hutchinson.

Book Genres I Hate

I absolutely despise Mary-Sue characters and cannot for the life of me force myself to read through an entire book about quirky special snowflakes; these are the books I tend to give up on quickly. I also try to stay away from romance and chick lits, but again, who knows, I might get into that phase again one day.

Other Tidbits

I own a gorgeous Ragdoll/Persian cat named Jericho and he is my first official furbaby!

I’ve had small pets growing up (fish, rabbits, and a hamster), however they either passed away relatively quickly (I’m looking at you fishies) or they had to be re-homed since my parent’s place didn’t allow pets. Jericho has his own Instagram account which I update daily: Check it out here!


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